OUR services

Our services are designed to be standalone activities which complement each other. This gives you the best mix of flexibility and efficiency. Simply bolt on what you're currently missing, or talk to us about moving from your existing provider.


*Monthly book-keeping price is based on volume of transactions, but the vast majority of our clients fall within this pricing range.
Smaller businesses may be eligible for a reduced rate.

HOW WE Work with you

The services listed above are our core accounting services, but they are the tip of the iceberg. All of our clients also have instant access to our decades of experience of not only accounting processes, but also our wider strategic and operational experience.

Additional benefits available to PPX clients are as follows:


  • Bespoke Management Accounts - Providing meaningful data specific to YOUR business
  • Dedicated client portal - To enable smoother collaboration and deliver wider benefits
  • Easy access to video tutorials on a range of financial topics - for you and your team
  • Free access to our CPD-certified training courses - To improve your understanding of business finance
  • Process design & automation - We'll use our systems experience to save you time and money
  • Finance strategy & controls - Access to our decades of experience in running businesses


Our aim is to give you the tools to establish Financial Control in your business, by focusing on the three elements of control listed below, which ultimately guarantee the success of a business. The short video below showcases the services that set us apart from other accountants.



Performance Evaluation


Economic Viability






Our services provide the basis for this framework. From there, your goals and our strategic experience combine to drive your business forward.

Whether your intention is to prepare your business for sale, create a legacy for your children or to provide a secure income for the future, we will build a strategy around your objectives.


"PPX excels in engaging with the business at all levels to map out its current processes and control, identifying gaps and risks, often in areas the client is not aware of.

They expertly produce tailored report packs, providing engaging commentary back to the business for all finance and non-finance individuals to understand."

Mihir Patel
Leading Talent Solutions Ltd

"We've been lucky enough to have Adrian and his team look after our Finances for over a year now. Our partnership with PPX has made a difference to how we approach cost control, budget and growth plans.

And it's not just about contracted work, they're always there for us when we need help and guidance. They over-deliver and give massive value to us."

Gabor Szalay
Gabor Logistics Ltd

"Following the short-notice departure of our Finance Director, we called upon the services of PPX to help us quickly identify issues within our Finance function and bring stability to our team.

We found that the service was extremely professional and diligent and this enabled us to fully grasp the challenges we were facing. I would highly recommend the services of PPX Consulting "

Craig Willoughby
Snows Timber Ltd


Are there any hidden costs, or are the prices listed above the prices I will pay?

There are no hidden costs and we ensure that our pricing is as transparent as possible.

Does the pricing listed above include advisory services such as tax guidance and strategic advice?

Yes, all clients, regardless of the service contracted, will have access to our advisory services, subject to our fair use policy.

Not only that but our clients also have access to our network of trusted partners, which includes services such as legal advice, insurance brokers, HR advice, access to funding and many more.

What if I want additional services not listed in the pricing table above?

We frequently engage with clients on additional projects, including business valuations, acquisition or sale of businesses, creation of financial models, process design/improvement, training courses and many other services. We're always keen to help in any capacity.