Finanical director support

PPX was founded by a former Finance Director with experience of multiple SMEs.

Unlike some other accounting firms, we have first hand experience on this subject.


do you need a finance director?

This is a question which often crops up on LinkedIn or at networking events and there are many possible answers. Although SMEs can range up to £40m+ annual turnover, with considerable complexities in their operation, we are of the belief that an SME rarely has the need, or budget, for a full time FD.

Recruiting someone into this role can be very expensive and it's unlikely that enough consistent Director-level work will exist to make it a worthwhile investment for the business, or engaging enough for the individual. This often results in a revolving-door situation, with the FD moving on after a relatively short period of time and the business incurring the cost of another high-level recruitment exercise.

The alternative has traditionally been interim appointments. If you have a specific project that needs FD-level scrutiny, such as preparing for an acquisition, managing an HMRC inspection or getting your cash flow under control, you can engage an interim, but this usually entails a 3, 6 or 12 month commitment, which may still be beyond the budget of an SME business.

PPX has a better solution. We offer minute-by minute FD-level advisory and consultancy support. Whether it's over the phone, on email, Microsoft Teams or (subject to geographical location) in person, you can sign up to one of our monthly support packages and only pay for the support you need. Everything is charged on a pro-rata basis, and there's no rounding up or down. See below for details or contact us with any questions.




"Success Stories
PPX excels in engaging with the business at all levels to map out its current processes and control, identifying gaps and risks, often in areas the client is not aware of.

They expertly produce tailored report packs, providing engaging commentary back to the business for all finance and non-finance individuals to understand."

Mihir Patel
Leading Talent Solutions Ltd

"PPX has been instrumental in supporting the ambition and aspirations of our business. They are helping us craft our financial strategy and plan for growth.

Their knowledge, support and help have been more valuable than we could have ever imagined. They’ve become an integral extension of our team; educating and empowering us to do more."

Ricky Conaghan
Think Hatch Ltd

"As our business quickly grew, it was obvious that we needed a finance professional to help us stay on track. We decided to outsource our finances to PPX, rather than recruit in-house, and have never looked back.

They give us peace of mind, knowing that our finances are in safe hands. Additionally, PPX have been a great help in providing sound financial advice for investments outside of our usual business activity."

Arron Marsden
AiMTECH Business Services Ltd


We already have an in-house financial team, why do we need PPX?

It can be very easy for in-house teams to get stuck in a rut and allow problems to go unnoticed. Sometimes it takes an outsider's perspective to identify holes. As impartial individuals, PPX can come into a business and view your approach from a fresh stance.  

Our aim is never to take over but to empower your existing team with a new lease of life and an effective toolkit that will allow them to advance and excel.